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Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

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Tags and the Grille

Miata - The metal bracket which holds the front tag required in my state seems to be in the way. What should I do?

Forward and Mid Profile - Can be accomodated with little or no adjustment. Here's how.

Is there an 'air gap' between the tag horizontal support bars and the roof of the mouth? If yes, you should bend your tagframe bars to get them flush to the mouth's roof. Now, compress the trim where it hits the brakcet at the roof of the mouth. This is probably all you need to do to accomodate the tag's bars. If you have to, you may need to shave a little of the trim's top where it hits the bars. This is the second most likely scenario. It just depends on how thick the bar(s) are that come out from the roof to the front. If the bars are really thick, you may need to cut the trim and remove pieces the same width of the tag frame bars. This last alternative is for the most extreme case, i.e., extra thick tag bars , and no one has done that who has required a front tag. In all these cases, you won't be able to see the alteration unless you get down really low since the grille is recessed at the roof about 1 to 2 inches and the trim at the top is just not visible without an effort. Besides, the tag will be in front of the trim at the top anyway.

Regarding strap placement, if the two outers holes are used by the tag bars, use the center hole for both straps. Some tagframes use only the center tag hole. If this is true, use the two outer holes for the straps.

Bras and the Grille

MIATA - For the 99-2000 OEM bras, and the 2001 -2004 OEM bra, the bra does wrap into the mouth and use hook attachments on the inside edge to hold it in place. This means that the grille will coexist and will fit on top of the bra, but installation or removal of the bra would also require removal and reinstallation of the grille. Here's an example: The grille is installed but no bra is installed. To install the bra, the grille would have to be removed, the bra installed and the grille reinstalled. To remove the bra, the grille would have to be removed, the bra would then be removed, and the grille reinstalled. It is also possible that only a partial removal of the grille is needed to install the bra. You may only need to detach the grille at the bottom points, lift slightly to install the bra, then, using new straps, tighten the bottom of the grille back down.

As I have installed numerous Buck Diamond grilles, it takes me about 10 minutes to cut the straps on an installed grille, and then reinstall with new straps. This issue of additional install and removal needs to be considered by you. It depends on how often you use your bra, or how often you wish to remove it. If only a few times a year, this may not be an issue for you. I would note that I have heard that having a bra on your Miata for extended periods is not good for the paint. I think this relates to uneven UV exposure as the bra is not allowing the paint underneath to 'breathe,' the risk of dulling of the paint's finish from the bra's slight movements and the issue of lingering dampness underneath a bra not being good for the paint. I may be totally wrong about this, but that is what I have read as concerns about bras. I guess it is a damned if you do (paint risk) or damned if you don't (rock chips risk) situation.


How much does the Grille weigh?

Miata - 2 lbs.

GENERAL QUESTIONS (apply to all grilles)

Replacement Straps

I use 14 inch straps I buy at Home Depot or Lowe's, but you can use shorter, just a little more difficult to manipulate.

Care of the Grille

Wash when you wash your car. Once a year, apply a vinyl treatment to the vinyl to keep it looking fresh. That's it.

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